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Great news topped of with some eye contact

May 11, 2010

Who though that when I put a ad out to have more newborns in my portfolio that I would get so many responses!! JUNE IS BOOKED!! Can you believe it!?  I even had a call in the first 10 minutes after posting the ad!  Gaining more experience and filling my portfolio with some newborn goodness is super exciting.  I also know that one of them will be a set of twins. How’s that for excitment! 🙂   I’m patiently waiting for the day when I can book clients during the week and not only on weekends. That day is coming soon.

To top it off, i had to share these recent pics of my favourite models one of which has now turned 2.  I know the colour is all weird and his socks are dirty after a hard play at the park, but who can beat this eye contact:

How can you not love the eyes of a child?

or this….

yay baby…I think your dad is pretty awesome too 🙂


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